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Creating real and sustainable results for medical practices and hospitals. MARSI helps students, administrative professionals, providers, hospital systems, medical practices, receive the reimbursements they are due while improving their clinical quality indicators.

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Trusted, Clear, Focused Teaching.

Consistent teaching and resources for physicians, coding specialists and CDI specialists.

  • DRG Validation
  • Health Global
  • H& R Hospitals
  • MediCorp
  • Heart Infusion
  • Doctors Stat
Medical Practices
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  • National Chocolates
  • Best Orchard
  • Zoom Shoes
  • Stereo-rama
  • Cookie Kingdom
  • Saving Partners
  • Giving International
  • Donate To Cause
  • Max Foundation
  • Feed The World
  • Pass It On Charity
  • Mega Host
  • WebOne Inc.
  • Clouds R Us
  • GrandeHost
  • Hosting+ Corp.

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Bill Aiser
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Steph Naisman
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Reggie Robertson
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Rick Easter
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